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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guess this in my introduction.

Well here it goes...I'm Chrissi, I'm 24, and the momma bee to a beautiful little boy. I graduated cosmetology school and do have my license, but for right now I am a stay at home single mother. I love crafting and making things, which I should do more often because I find it rather relaxing, however; I do not have much time to craft since my little baby bee takes up most of my free time...that and he hates to sleep at night. AHHH HELP!!!! HA-HA. I guess I'm making this blog to account for my everyday encounters and life.  I'm not going to put a specific title on this whole blog experience because I can't pin point what exactly I'll be blogging about...could be hair, fashion, makeup, clothes, food, weddings...anything I deem necessary will be posted here. I hope you enjoy!!!

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