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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Does it Really Exist?

I mean seriously, does honest genuine true love even exist anymore? Are there people out there who don't lie, cheat, abuse, etc.? I myself am a person looking for that honest love. Do people still believe in marriage, or do they just figure that it is something they're eventually supposed to do...?

I still believe in opening doors or pulling out a chair, even holding hands, is chivalry dead? Goodness I hope not, or else my dreams have just been flushed down the toilet. Some women might not like that whole whole open doors thing and that's fine, it's just what I want in my relationship. It just seems like no one stays together anymore and that everyone gets divorced...I thought it was until death do you part, not divorce. Yes, I understand that there are some very serious exceptions to this.

I want an old time love, the one where you can't get enough of that person, where you fall in love with them over and over again each and every day. I want honest, true, want to feel you every day kind of love. Someone please tell me that growing old with someone still does exist!!

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